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Based in the American Midwest this new band sounds like an alternative to some stagnating styles like pop and gothic. I canít exactly define the sound of The Sleep as pop or goth as they cover a wider arsenal of influences. The guitar play is an important input in the composition and brings a rather ambient style... The album progressively takes another direction and becomes characterized by rather psychedelic guitar play...The influences are definitely coming from everywhere, but it all sounds like The Sleep didnít spare blood, sweat and tears to gain an own sound. This is a pretty decent debut! 

Side-Line Music Magazine, June 25, 2009

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The Year in Your Ear

A look back at the best of the year in local recordings

"The sound of the debut album from The Sleep (available as a digital download only) is very 4AD, with ambient, airy soundscapes, a dash of psychedelica, excellent, diverse guitar work and breathy, ethereal vocals. If you dug the M83 album Saturdays = Youth or were a fan of Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins, youíll find The Sleepís dreamy sound incredibly mesmerizing. "

-Mike Breen, Cincinnati CityBeat, December 30, 2009

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"Theyíre in the mood for espresso and cake. The last of the batch. And in the booth where The Sleep waits, itís all about the ingredients and the vibe.

Years ago, Neil met Dave Eberhardt (guitar)... and Dave has produced some of Neilís solo work... Together they formed The Sleep, an alternative, moody, electronic trio. Ambient with an added touch of complex, sincere Jazz guitar... The Sleep clings to a dark, sexy atmosphere with spooky vocals.

Neil comments, 'When I heard the stuff that Dave was recording, I realized that the sound was absolutely perfect, like he went into my brain and picked out what I was saying and put it on guitar.'

Never in a Million Years, an 11-track, self-produced digital album, came out of the oven this January. Professional, mysterious and powerful, these visual songs create a vast, cinematic feel, including a wicked cover of Depeche Modeís 'Blue Dress.' Both artistically playful and shadowy, it builds with an intense dreaminess. In measures, songs creep.

As for sweet cake and The Sleep, itís all in the mix."

-C.A. MacConnell, Cincinnati CityBeat, February 26, 2009

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"Also just released on iTunes is Never In A Million Years, the debut album by new, moody Cincy-based Electronica trio The Sleep. The band consists of singer Laura Smith, Neil Smith on keys, synths and electronics and guitarist Dave Eberhardt, who has performed with the late Katie Reider and singer/songwriter Holly Spears. The sound of the album is very 4AD, with ambient, airy soundscapes, a dash of psychedelica, excellent, diverse guitar work and Lauraís breathy, ethereal vocals."

-Mike Breen, Cincinnati CityBeat, January 21, 2009

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"The Katie Reider Band is excellent. I heard them for the first time this spring at the Taste of Cincinnati...

Katie has an amazing voice. Her music brings together intelligent lyrics and strong melodies. Dave's guitar work is incredible."

Fan post on www.cincymusic.com

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Live on WVXU FM, May 5 2005:

 "You have an orchestra in that guitar, I swear; it's wonderful..."


Woman on the "Merge"
"Local singer/songwriter Elizabeth Russell performs Friday at the York Street Cafe, supporting her excellent release, Merge. With studio assistance from Dave Eberhardt and Josh Seurkamp, Russell's debut floats with a melancholic etherealness, punctuated by the vocalist's intuitive and visceral songwriting talents... the music on 'Merge,' while laid-back, exudes confidence and passion."

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Mike Breen, Cincinnati CityBeat, December 2, 2004

Review of VEM's Hour 25, which features Dave on guitar and backing vocals:

"...(HOUR 25): It's really great...Very impressive. Very Haunting."

Robert Stone, Producer/Director for the Academy Award - nominated documentary Radio Bikini

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The following are spectator compliments from cincymusic.com

"Thank You for the MUSIC and FUN !!!

I've never seen GWENDOLYN SPEAKS before, they were FANTASTIC !!!, SO WERE THE MOOD RINGS !!!

Are those guy's old enough to know what a mood ring is or have they ever seen one ? hee ...hee ...

And the controversy continues over who had the 'prettiest' band, 'Gwendolyn Speaks' or the 'Mood Rings.' "

The Cincinnati Enquirer

The Blue Jordan Sound

Wolfenberger's songs, Cincinnati musicians set standard

"Both songs are bolstered by the pedal steel of Ken Holycross, part of a crack band (most of whom will be playing tonigh's CD release party at Sharon Wood's Heritage Village)- guitarist Dave Eberhardt, bassist Greg Hansen and drummer Josh Seurkamp, singer Rene Frye (now sidelined with injuries from a car accident), and singer/oboist Margie Landgrave."

-Larry Nager, The Cincinnati Enquirer

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"Dave Eberhardt literally takes control with his guitar. Dave is one of those musicians who makes you feel as if you are at a huge concert where the guitar solo keeps going and keeps getting better. There is also a much more soft, melodic and atmospheric side to Daveís playing that can melt a person."

-Katie Reider

"Seurkamp has an excellent supporting cast on the album with such local players as Ric Hordinski, John Zappa, Mike Georgin and Dave Eberhardt."

-Rick Bird, Post staff reporter , March 8, 2001

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"Joshua Seurkamp has just released a wonderful disc chock full of moody and atmospheric tunes that will transport you to many strange and wonder-filled places... Josh is accompanied at various times and on various songs by Mike Georgin, Ric Hordinski, Katie Reider, John Zappa and David Eberhardt... Listening to these tunes makes me jealous of people who can pickup an instrument and make all of these delightful sounds come out of it. There are two live cuts on the album and I am in awe, knowing that there are only two people playing these songs. [editor's note- this compliment refers to two songs selected from a live performance which featured Dave on guitar. See the CD liner-notes]

Those of us outside of the Ohio area can only pray that Josh and his cohorts will venture beyond their home state soon. "

-Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock, The Phantom Tollbooth, 4/1/2001

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"Katie Reider again proves she's one of the fine, rising singer-songwriter talents to come out of Cincinnati the past couple years with her new live CD ''No Retakes,'' released last month.

A live project was the perfect move for the Ohio State University senior to show how far she's come with her excellent band made up of brother Robbie Reider (guitar), Dave Eberhardt (electric guitar), Greg Hansen (bass) and John [sic] Seurkamp."

-Rick Bird, Post staff reporter , March 8, 2001

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"I'm blessed to be working with the people I am now," the 22-year old [Katie] Reider says, citing bandmates Tyler Brown, Dave Eberhardt, Greg Hansen, brother Robbie Reider and Josh Seurkamp.

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"Wolfenberger uses many of the excellent musicians featured on other Blue Jordan releases from the likes of Katie Reider and Janet Pressley to such as Josh Seurkamp, Tyler Brown, and Dave Eberhardt."

-Rick Bird, Post staff reporter , October 4, 2001

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Gwendolyn Speaks: Bigger and better

By Jan Perry, Post contributor, March 29, 2001

Gwendolyn Speaks, one of the area's favorite roots/pop/rock groups is a bit bigger and even better than before. They'll play the second floor stage at the York Street International Cafe in Newport on Friday night.

Singer-songwriters Scott Dill and Tara Fisher-Dill have always been the core of the group, with Scott playing various instruments as the need arose. Peter Throm is still on bass for the group, but Dave Eberhardt has joined in on electric guitar allowing Scott to go back behind the drums where he's happiest. (Eberhardt plays with fellow Blue Jordan performers Katie Rieder [sic] and Dave Wolfenberger as well.)

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"... incredible playing from fellow musicians Tyler Brown, Dave Eberhardt, Josh Seurkamp, Greg Hansen and her brother, Rob Reider."

"soothingly evocative"

-Mike Montgomery, Cincinnati.CitySearch.com, 2000

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"[Katie] Reider has been playing acoustic guitar for more than half of her life and writing songs for almost that long. Her first album, 'Wonder,' features some of Cincinnati's best-known instrumentalists. Playing with her at the York Street concert will be band members Dave Eberhardt, electric guitars; Josh Seurkamp, drums and percussion; Greg Hansen, bass; and (brother) Rob Reider III, acoustic guitar."

By Jan Perry, Post contributor, March 4, 1999

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"Most of the evening was unexciting with the major exception of Lux. The ambient-folk-rock trio was playing as a quartet that evening, adding an acoustic guitarist. The band drew a large crowd and kept the interest up."

-Jacob Hand, Staff Reporter, UC News Record, Autumn 1999

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Lux took off after release of local CD

The Word by Rick Bird, Post music writer, February 11, 1999

"Lux settled into an engaging pop, jazzy, folk-rock vibe..."

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"This is a very impressive release. Lux is a modern rock trio that puts emphasis squarely on the marriage of strong and articulate lyrics with effective and memorable hooks and song arrangements. They drift from acoustic pop like "Into Your Eyes" to wah-wah infected rockers such as "Accusation Seed" with natural flow and grace. Also, their vocal harmonies are superb and a cut above major label stuff touted on commercial radio right now. Highly recommended!"

-Eric Harabadian, Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter, 1999.

"If you're looking for a good, acoustic-based Adult Alternative-type band, you can't do much better then the trio Lux. The band's recently released disc Directions is full of well-written songs, inspired playing, and sublime harmonies and background vocals. The band's poppy sound combines elements of Folk, Blues, and Rock, but the band fits into none of these categories very easily. Directions was produced by local musician Ric Hordinski, and if you're a fan of his Monk projects, you'll appreciate the album's breezy atmospherics. If Directions isn't already at the top of WNKU's playlist, then the station has gone Top 40 or something."

-Mike Breen, CityBeat, September 17-23, 1998