It all started as an experiment- something to test some new studio equipment; and it has snowballed into a hobby. Now I have literally dozens of cover songs started. This is the first batch to be finished. There's no unifying theme here. Some songs I chose. Others seemed to choose me. A few were chosen by other people as requests. Even as I type this, I know that there are three big-name songs already nearing completion for the next batch.

For the most part, every single thing you hear is me, with the exception of drums and percussion (though on a few songs I really played a tambourine and/or shaker). A few small keyboard parts and the verses of a bass guitar in one song were also MIDI instruments, but everything else was done with my hands on an instrument, or my voice in a microphone.

For that reason, I have to choose songs that I can actually execute, on instruments I can actually play (aforementioned sorts of exceptions noted). The other challenge is time. Most of these sounds happen after my family goes to bed on weeknights, or on the few days off when I'm home with nothing to do, and no one else around.

In some cases, I set out to exactly replicate the original song, though I tend to augment the original parts sometimes. In other cases, I interpret them casually, and in still other cases, they are complete departures from the originals. Imitation, it is said, is the sincerest form of flattery. Each one of these, regardless of my interpretation or the quality of my execution, is a respectful nod to the artists and songs represented. In short, Hey I made you a thing. Listen!

Back On My Feet Again - (The Babys) - January 2017

Blue Collar Man - (Styx) - November 2017

Give A Little Love - (Griffin House) - September 2011

Brown Eyed Girl - (Van Morrison) - November 2013

End Of The Innocence - (Don Henley) - October 2017

Find Your Way Back - (Jefferson Starship) - April 2015

Marry Me - (Train) - September 2011

Go Your Own Way - (Fleetwood Mac) - September 2017

Memories – (Joe Satriani) – January 2015

Here Comes The Sun - (The Beatles) - March 2013

Moondance - (Van Morrison) - April 2001

I Want It All - (Queen) - July 2016

Never Let Me Down Again - (Depeche Mode) - June 2010

Paper Airplane - (Willy Porter) - May 2013

The Logical Song - (Supertramp) - October 2016

Children Go Where I Send Thee - (Traditional) - August 2014

Away In A Manger - (Traditional) - November 2016

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